Creating a flow in Microsoft Power Automate using the WinSMS custom connector

Creating a flow in Microsoft Power Automate using the WinSMS custom connector will require you to have imported the WinSMS custom connector. Find out how to import the WinSMS custom connector into Microsoft Power Automate here.

Example of creating a flow in Microsoft Power Automate using the WinSMS custom connector.

Login to Microsoft Power Automate, go to My Flows and click on New flow.

For this example we will choose Automated Cloud Flow.

Give your Flow a descriptive Name and choose your Trigger then click on Create.

Click on Show Advanced Options.

Enter your Subject Filter then click on New Step.

Click on Custom then click on the WinSMS connector.

Click on the Send SMS action.

Add the Recipient Cell Number in International Format.

Click on Add New Item to add multiple recipients.

Enter the Message Text for the SMS.

Click on Save.

Once your Flow has been created you will see this message:

Now you can go to the Flows menu and you will see the Flow you just created.

Testing Your Flow

You can now test your Flow by sending a new email to your inbox with the words “Your Microsoft Invoice” in the Subject of the email and you should receive the SMS.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the complexity of Power Automate and the fact that one can easily edit the code for the connector either while importing it or later by editing the connector configuration, WinSMS does not warrant its functionality nor do we offer support with any issues you may encounter using the connector or creating a Flow, unless the issue is specifically a problem with the WinSMS REST API or delivery of your messages.

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