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About WinSMS

WinSMS was created by Dolsin Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Dolsin focuses on researching and developing cost effective messaging solutions, using the latest in technology, that business owners can immediately apply to their businesses and benefit from.


WinSMS Support

The WinSMS technical support team is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to our customers. We have created a comprehensive knowledge base which should cover most questions and support issues relating to the WinSMS software and integration options using the WinSMS API.

To help us to provide our best attention to all support issues, please first go through the material supplied on the support site before contacting the technical support team – in most cases you will find that your query has already been answered. If your query is not covered on the support site, submitting a support ticket will always be the best way to get an in-depth answer to any questions you may have.

You can also give us a call during office hours on  +44 20 8123 6060 or simply e-mail support@winsms.io.


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