Bulk SMS Products

SMS Products and Services to Supercharge Your Communication With Your Customers, Staff or Organisation!

Bulk SMS PC Software

The WinSMS desktop software enables you to quickly and easily send SMS messages to individual contacts or groups containing thousands of contacts.

Online Bulk SMS Portal

With mobiSMS.io you can now manage, schedule and send your bulk SMS campaigns from anywhere on any device, any time.

Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS using your existing email client. With no software to install this is the fastest way to get started with WinSMS.

Microsoft Power Automate SMS Connector

Formally Microsoft Flow, it is now quick and easy to configure SMS alert messages in your Power Automate Flows using the WinSMS Custom Connector.

SMS Short/Long Codes

A Short Code is a 5 digit number dedicated to receiving messages, often used for competitions or ad campaigns. A Long Code is a 10 digit number (incoming only) that is often used by IOT devices that cannot be configured with a short code.

Development Tools

Developers have full access to the WinSMS API – a comprehensive set of tools which allows one to easily integrate SMS messaging into existing business processes, database applications, custom software, websites and more.

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