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This collection of technical documents will help you get started with WinSMS and show you how to make full use of all the features in order to get the greatest benefit out of WinSMS.

You'll find detailed technical and product documentation showing you how to implement a variety of bulk SMS products and solutions in order to provide a better experience when communicating with your customers, staff or organisation members.

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Desktop Software for PC

Send bulk SMS from your PC using the WinSMS desktop client software.

Online Bulk SMS gateway

mobiSMS is a browser based bulk SMS portal for PC, Mac or any mobile Device.

Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS messages using any email client.

SMS Short & Long Codes

Dedicated short or long numbers designed specifically for incoming messages.

API Documentation


Send transactional or bulk SMS using the HTTP API.

SMTP (Email to SMS)

Send transactional or bulk SMS using SMTP (email to SMS).


Send transactional or bulk SMS using the REST API.


Send transactional or bulk SMS using the FTP API.

Webhook API

Receive valuable information when it happens in real time


Zapier - Easy automation for busy people.

Zapier lets you connect WinSMS with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)

With the WinSMS custom connector it is quick and easy to configure SMS alert messages in your Microsoft Power Automate Flows. All the information you need to set up the WinSMS custom connector.

Country Specific SMS Regulations

Due to worldwide growth in the business-to-customer SMS messaging environment, many countries and territories have introduced SMS message sending regulations.

Regulations typically pertain to the following:

● Time of day that messages may be delivered
● Content of the messages
● Format of the Sender ID (from address) that may be used/displayed. Carriers in certain countries will block SMS messages that are sent from sender ID formats that they do not recognize or support. 

Non-compliance with these restrictions may lead to non-delivery of messages, which is why you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions and conditions applicable to the relevant countries and territories in which you are operating or to which you are sending SMS messages.

The following countries do have special regulations so if you are sending to these countries, please contact us here to ensure that you are compliant. 









Hong Kong




Ivory Coast








New Zealand







Saudi Arabia



South Africa

South Korea





United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United States




Tips and Use Cases

A collection of articles to help you get the most out of WinSMS.

Weather Warnings And SMS

Send Weather SMS Alerts With the change of season that our customers in Southern Africa are experiencing, it would be handy to be warned when a bad storm is...

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Using SMS For Alerts

SMS Alerts - Never Miss An Event Again SMS has been used by many security and IT companies, to alert staff, customers and other devices of important events...

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The WinSMS Opt-out Facility

Opting Out From Receiving WinSMS Messages Have you ever received an unsolicited SMS message advertising a product or service that has no use to you? Are you...

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SMS for Churches

Utilise SMS For Churches Churches all over the world have turned to SMS messaging to get in contact with their congregation, because it’s a fast and easy way...

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SMS for Schools

A quick and easy way to get in contact with staff and pupils: Do you remember giving a letter to your parents from the school? How long it took for the...

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SMS for Salons and Spas

Increase business with a simple SMS! Salons and spas have been utilizing SMS messaging to stay in contact with their customers and staff effectively for...

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SMS for Retail Stores

Get your business on the map using bulk SMS: SMS messaging has been increasing revenue for retail stores for years. Why? Because it provides customers with...

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SMS for Marketing Agencies

Did you know, 99% of SMS messages are opened within 5 minutes or less? This is by far the most effective way to market any brand or product. As a marketing...

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SMS for Restaurants

How to get your restaurant full to capacity: What if you could let all of your customers know of your dinner special right before they start making plans, and...

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SMS for Fast Food Restaurants

Increasing turnover with more feet through your doors: SMS for fast food restaurants has worked and is still working wonders in the fast food industry. Chains...

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SMS for Bars and Night Clubs

Get your club on the map: Imagine having the power to invite thousands of people to your bar or nightclub with a few clicks, and cost efficiently! SMS for...

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Bulk SMS Solutions

Powerful communication solutions with WinSMS WinSMS can provide bulk SMS solutions for a wide range of businesses and establishments. Our easy to use desktop...

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Short Message Service

What Is It Used For? A Brief Lesson In Figuring Out SMS SMS or Short Message Service is much more widely known to the public as the service that makes text...

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SMS Etiquette

The Five Rules Text messaging has become the norm in society today. If a person has a mobile phone, then they more than likely send at least one text message...

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