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SMS for Bars and Night Clubs

Get your club on the map:

Imagine having the power to invite thousands of people to your bar or nightclub with a few clicks, and cost efficiently! SMS for bars and night clubs allows you to get in touch with your customers quickly, easily, and at a fraction of what you would pay for flyers and banner adverts. Not only is it easier to click a button to communicate with your entire contact list, but it gives your establishment a more professional touch.

Here are some ideas that you can use the next time you want to advertise your business, and save a lot of money on advertising expenses:

Event Reminders – Let your customers know of the rugby game this weekend, get them to come to your establishment by sending them a personalized SMS. This is a handy method of SMS for bars and night clubs used around the world, increasing popularity of your events by making sure your customers know about it.

Discounts and Specials – Advertise drink or entry specials for the night. Make sure your customers know that you are running a discount. Having the option of receiving responses from your customers, allows you to answer queries that they may have, which will in turn boost customer service ratings of your establishment.

Competitions – Get your customers to reply to an SMS message with the correct answer to a question, and invite them to come in to your establishment for the draw. Whilst they are there, they will be sure to buy more products from you, making you more money!

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