Microsoft Power Automate SMS Connector

Microsoft Power AutomateMicrosoft Flow Custom SMS Connector

With the WinSMS custom connector it is quick and easy to configure SMS alert messages in your Microsoft Power Automate Flows. (Microsoft Power Automate was previously know as Microsoft Flow.)

Whether you want to configure SMS alerts when specific emails are received or trigger an SMS message at any stage of your flows, you'll find it easy to do using the WinSMS custom connector.

Importing and configuring the custom connector only takes a few minutes and then you'll be able to add SMS messaging to any flow you have created in Power Automate.

All the information you need to set up the WinSMS custom connector can be found in the following two knowledge base articles:

1. Importing the WinSMS custom connector into Microsoft Power Automate.

2. Creating a flow using the WinSMS custom connector.

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