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SMS for Retail Stores

Get your business on the map using bulk SMS:

SMS messaging has been increasing revenue for retail stores for years. Why? Because it provides customers with valuable and relevant information on specials and discounts right onto their cellphones. Having the ability to have your customers respond to your message allows for an effective 2 way communication tool. SMS for retail stores has been an effective marketing tool used by many stores around the world.

Let’s look at a few ways that you can utilize SMS in the retail industry to get your business booming:

Mobile Coupons – Send an SMS message with a coupon in the text to entice your customers to come into your store to use it. They are more than likely going to make use of the discount/special, and purchase something else. A personalized message offering a specific discount coupon for your customers can make them feel like they matter to you.

New Product Alerts – Let your customers know that new stock has arrived. Make sure that they know that they are the first to know, and they will rush in store to buy the latest trend. You can also include other products to the sale whilst they are shopping for the newest stock to hit your shelves.

Trading Hours – Extending your trading hours for the holiday season? Let your customers know with an SMS, a quick and easy way to get in contact with your customers. Having your customers know when you are open means more feet through your doors, and less disgruntled customers not knowing when you are closed.

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