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SMS vs. E-mail: The Long Time Going Bulk Marketing Duel

SMS vs. E-mail – Which Should I Use?

Since the beginning of Digital Marketing the two most prominent bulk messaging methods that marketers have consistently used are SMS vs E-mail. Each method has its own pro’s and con’s, which could be either to the benefit or detriment of your business. This is why we are going to dig a little deeper to help you, as business owner or marketing guru, to make a more educated decision.

Why should you use bulk E-mail marketing?

The two biggest attractions with E-mail marketing is (a) the price and (b) the ability to attach files (images, PDF and Word documents etc.). E-mail marketing will only utilize data to send your messages, dependent also of course, on your internet service provider. Simply put, when it comes to SMS vs E-mail, bulk E-mails are popular because they are cheaper to send.

This could however be to the detriment of your marketing campaign. Why, you ask?, because although sending bulk E-mails is cheap and you are able to attach media to the e-mail, means a lot of marketers are using it, this could also mean more “spam”. E-mail statistics for 2017 based on small to medium sized businesses, reveal an average open rate of 20%. This means, if you send a bulk E-mail to 100 people, only 20 people will open it!

Why you should rather use SMS marketing?

Although SMS marketing is the more expensive way of reaching your database and despite the fact that you are not able to attach files, it is substantially more effective i.r.o. open rates. Statistics show that from as far back as 2009, SMS has had an open rate of 98%! Therefore to any business owner, paying a relatively small bill to send bulk SMS, is well worth it. If we compare this scenario to that of E-mails, sending a bulk SMS to 100 people, 98 people will open it! This puts a lot of weight behind SMS in the SMS vs E-mail duel.

Ensuring a good return on investment (ROI) is key to running a successful business which is why we let the statistics do the talking with SMS and E-mail.

If you would like to still use E-mail as a marketing tool, you can also send E-mail to SMS using your WinSMS account. For more info, click here.

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