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SMS: How Can It Be Used On A Farm?

Using SMS on a farm or a remote area:

Living on a farm means that you are more than likely in a remote area, with very little cellphone signal, leaving the possibility of receiving e-mail messages very slim, if anything, it would be merely impossible to have a stable connection to communicate via e-mail. This is where SMS used on a farm can be so powerful.

How strong does your signal have to be to receive an SMS on a farm?

SMS requires your cellphone handset to be in GSM range. It does not require you to have 3G, 4G, EDGE, H/H+ or LTE. If you have even the slightest bit of signal, you can receive SMS messages to your cellphone handset, making the possibility of receiving SMS very high, and a lot more reliable than other communication methods.

Using WinSMS to send SMS messages to farmers in remote areas:

With the WinSMS desktop and online application, you can now load the farmer’s contacts into your contact list, group them by area, type of farm, or however you would like to group the contacts, and send SMS messages to them. You are able to schedule SMS messages to remind the farmers, and even wish them a happy birthday. If the farmers reply to the SMS message that you sent them, you are able to view the reply in your inbox on either application, and in your Client Zone by logging in at our website: and clicking on “Message Logs”, and then “Received Messages”.

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