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The WinSMS Opt-out Facility

Opting Out From Receiving WinSMS Messages

Have you ever received an unsolicited SMS message advertising a product or service that has no use to you? Are you receiving continuous SMS messages advertising new products from a company that you have purchased from, but want to stop receiving the messages? The opt-out facility is here to save you from these unsolicited SMS messages, and it is so easy to use.

How does it work from a recipient’s point of view?

It’s very simple to make sure you do not receive any further messages, simply reply “opt out/opt-out” or “stop/STOP” to the SMS message that you do not want to receive any more. The sender of the SMS messages will then be filtered from sending you any further messages.

How does it work from a sender’s point of view:

When the recipient replies to your SMS message to be opted out, the WinSMS system will automatically add the cellphone number to your opt-out list. This will filter your WinSMS account from sending them any further messages. It is always encouraged to remove the recipient from your contact list, in order to have an up to date list of contacts. You will not be charged for any further SMS messages sent to the cellphone numbers on your opt-out list.

Opt-out legalities:

The purpose of the opt-out facility is to protect cellphone handset owners from receiving SMS messages that they do not want. Our code of conduct states that every recipient of an SMS message should have the ability to opt-out from receiving further SMS messages sent from that specific account holder.

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