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Delivery Statuses – What Do They Mean?

SMS Delivery Status

When sending out a bulk SMS using WinSMS, it is important to track if you SMS messages are being delivered to your contact lists correctly and efficiently, which will save you from wasting time and credits on messaging cellphone numbers that are no longer in service. Delivery statuses will indicate whether your message has been delivered, still sending, or failed to your recipient(s).

Let’s dive in to what the different delivery status’ are, and what they mean:

SENT: This delivery status you will see as soon as you send your SMS batch, it means that your messages have been sent through our gateway, and have been handed over to the relevant networks to be delivered to the cellphone handsets. If after 72 hours, your SMS is still “SENT”, you can safely assume that the SMS has reached the cellphone. This just means that the cellphone has not sent physical feedback to the network to let them know that the SMS has been delivered.

DELIVERED: This delivery status means that the cellphone handset has sent physical feedback to the network, which is then relayed to WinSMS, that the message has been delivered.

FAILED: If a delivery response returns as failed, it could be that the cellphone handset is out of range, the cellphone number does not exist anymore, or the recipient has opted-out of receiving any SMS messages sent from your WinSMS account. The reason for the SMS failing, will be shown in your SMS logs either in the Client Zone, desktop or online application.

Now, not only are you able to contact your contact list within seconds, but you can track to see if your SMS messages are being delivered or not, which can help narrowing your target audience, saving you time, money, and making sure you get the best return on investment possible.

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