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What is an SMS? How can SMS benefit your business?

What is an SMS and how can it benefit your business?

The SMS was invented in the late 80’s. SMS was developed for the newer models of phones that were becoming available at the time. Because SMS could only facilitate 160 characters, the data it used was so small that it became a popular cost effective way to communicate to mobile handsets. Also, because of its little data use, it became popular to get messages across when the networks were congested.

Since then, SMS has grown rapidly, and is still growing today. Cheap and effective are not often in the same sentence, not with the SMS, which it is why it’s the most preferred way for businesses to get in touch with their customers.

SMS long codes and short codes

A long code is what we refer to as our cellphone number. An example of a long code would be: 082 123 4567, a 10 digit number. Typically, long codes were only assigned to cellphone handsets, but now are able to be used virtually by developers in their applications.

A short code is a 5 digit number used to advertise for inbound messaging, “SMS ‘PIZZA’ to 41412 to get a free pizza”. Short codes are great for users to run competitions where they would want users to send information to a short and catchy numbers.

Short codes and long codes can be provided by us. To find out more information, click here.

Utilizing 2 way SMS for your business

2 way communication provides a channel for you and your customer to communicate efficiently and cost effectively. This channel can prove to be a powerful tool in creating a relationship with your customer, which will more than likely drive a sale from them. SMS is direct and personal, and with the correct targeting, can entice people to reply to your messages. Quick responses via SMS can keep your customers glued to your sales pitch. With WinSMS, sending and receiving messages is so easy and cost effective, you will wonder why you never stumbled across this ages ago.

Get started today with utilizing SMS to grow your business.

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