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SMS for Schools

A quick and easy way to get in contact with staff and pupils:

Do you remember giving a letter to your parents from the school? How long it took for the message to get across? Vital information was lost over the years due to messages not being delivered, until SMS for schools  came along and made communication a whole lot easier. Now, as a staff member at a school, you are able to contact parents and other staff members instantly, and cost-efficiently.

Let’s dig in to a few ways how SMS for schools are being used:

Cancellations – Make sure parents know that the game after school has been cancelled because of the rain. An unanswered phone call does not get the message across, and takes 10 times the time to make, whilst an SMS will let your contacts know about the cancellation right away.

Event Reminders – Remind parents about events happening after school. A simple reminder will make sure your events are well attended.

Staff Meetings – Let your staff know if impromptu meetings. With instant delivery, and a 99% open rate, your SMS is bound to be read in no time.

There are many ways how SMS have been used by schools to get a valuable message to either a staff member or parent/pupil. It is a modern way of making sure that every member of your school is in the loop of all events and changes to your school. With the desktop and online applications, SMS for schools is a simple task to do with easy contact management, and quick reading of responses from recipients.

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