Sending SMTP Email to SMS

The WinSMS E-mail to SMS (SMTP) Gateway allows one to send e-mails to which will then be sent as a SMS message to the CellNumber.


To be able to send SMS messages via e-mail (SMTP) you must first enable this feature in “My Profile” in the Client Zone.

By default the account's admin e-mail address will be added as an authorised sender, but you can add additional e-mail addresses to be used for sending e-mail to SMS.

To do this log into the Client Zone (here) and navigate to the “E-mail to SMS” tab on the “My Profile” page…

Email To SMS

Once you have done this you will be able to send email messages to

The cell number must be entered in international format (without a + sign) e.g.

The subject can be used for any personal reference and it won't appear in the SMS that gets sent.

The gateway will send the first 160 characters of the e-mail as the SMS message, but if you have enabled long messages under My Profile in the client zone, it will send the first 918 characters of the e-mail.


If you want to schedule the message for later delivery, include the date/time in the subject line in the following format:


YYYYMMDDHHMM represents the date and time the message should be sent – for example:

Subject: 202211271500

In this example the message will be scheduled for 27th November 2022 at 15:00 (3PM).

  • Note: The date and time you specify will be interpreted according to the Time Zone specified in your Client Zone profile.

To view or download your logs of sent messages just login to the Client Zone (here)  and go to “Logs”.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact support here or give us a call during office hours on +44 208 123 6060 or contact support here.

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