Can I receive replies to the SMS messages I send using WinSMS?

With WinSMS, you have a powerful 2-way communication channel between you and your contact list. This allows you to receive replies to your SMS messages in real time.

How does having a 2-way communication channel help you? If you are running a business, and you send out a bulk SMS to your customer list advertising a special, you are more than likely to get a question from at least one of your customers (if not more). Having the facility available for them to quickly respond to your message, at their leisure, will make it very convenient for them to be in direct contact with you. Having your customers respond to you ‘one-on-one', will increase your customer service ratings enormously.

Where do I edit my reply settings for my WinSMS account?

By default, you will receive your replies sent to the e-mail address that you have registered your WinSMS account with, as well as the inbox of the desktop and online (WinSMS Mobi) applications. These replies will not cost you any credits, as they are only being forwarded to your e-mail and application inbox. If you would like your replies sent to your cellphone, this will charge you a credit per reply, as the reply will need to be forwarded to you by SMS. You can edit where you would like your responses as well and enabling and disabling reply destinations, by selecting “My Profile” and then “Received SMS” in the Client Zone.

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