Trial Account restrictions

When you activate your new WinSMS account, you are granted a Trial Account. The Trial Account comes with free credits, as well as certain restrictions.

These restrictions can be removed by upgrading to a Paid Account. Upgrading to a Paid Account is as easy as purchasing your very first prepaid credit.

Applicable WinSMS Trial Account Restrictions

When using a WinSMS Trial Account the following restrictions apply:

Restriction 1: You can only send SMS messages to your own cell number.

When using a Trial Account, you can use your free credits to test any and all of the WinSMS products.
You can send test messages to yourself, and schedule reminders to yourself with your free credits.

With a Trial Account, you may not send or schedule messages to any number other than your own, using any of the WinSMS products.

Your own number is considered to be the cell number that you registered your WinSMS account with.
It can be seen, and changed, on the ‘Basic Settings‘ tab of the ‘My Profile‘ section of the WinSMS Client Zone.


If you attempt to send an SMS message to a cell number other than your own, you will receive a ‘TRIALNOT2SELF‘ error.
These errors will be visible in your logs in the WinSMS Client Zone,, and the Windows desktop software.

This restriction applies to all WinSMS products: Windows desktop software,, Email to SMS, and all developer APIs.

Restriction 2: You are not allowed to create Sub Accounts.

While using a Trial Account, you will not be able to add Sub Accounts to your main account.

Upgrading to a Paid Account to remove restrictions.

Upgrading your WinSMS account to a Paid Account is easy. Simply purchase any number of WinSMS credits in the WinSMS Client Zone or

Your account is instantly upgraded, all Trial Account restrictions are removed, and you can use any remaining free credits to send SMS messages to any valid cell number worldwide.

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