Importing the WinSMS custom connector into Microsoft Power Automate

Once you have created the WinSMS Custom Connector you will be able to create Flows which can use the connector to send out SMS notifications.

NB: Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this article before proceeding.

You will need two files to complete the process explained in this document. They are:

  1. winsms-za-mspa-logo.jpg
  2. winsms-za.mspa-custom-connector.json

These files are contained in a Zip file and can be downloaded from

Once you have downloaded the correct zip file for your location, unzip it to your local drive.

Now login to Microsoft Power Automate at

Go to Data > Custom Connectors

Select New custom connector then Import an OpenAPI file:

Give the connector a name then click on Import and select the “winsms-za.mspa-custom-connector.json” file you previously downloaded, then click on Continue:


Click on “Upload the connector icon” and choose the WinSMS logo file you previously downloaded (winsms-za-mspa-logo.jpg).


If you want to you can change the connector description, then click on Create Connector.


Once the connector has been created, click on Test:


Now click on New connection:


A new window will open where you need to paste your WinSMS API Key.

Login to the WinSMS Client Zone here and click on My Profile:


Go to the Developers tab and copy the API Key:


Go back to the new Power Automate window and paste your API Key in the field provided, then click on Create connection:


This will take you back to the Test page. Click on the refresh icon at top right and you should see the connection you have just created.


Scroll down to the “send sms” screen and enter your message and number.

Enter your mobile number in international format, e.g. 2783xxxxx

Click on Test operation. Once the test is complete you should see a Response Status of 200:

If you scroll down you should also see Validation succeeded:

And if you look at your phone you should also see the message you just sent.

You can now click on Close:

This will take you back to your Custom Connectors page where you will see the connector you just created.

You can now create a Flow that makes use of this connector to send SMS notifications.

Go here to see an example of how to create a Flow using the WinSMS Custom Connector


DISCLAIMER: Due to the complexity of Power Automate and the fact that one can easily edit the code for the connector either while importing it or later by editing the connector configuration, WinSMS does not warrant its functionality nor do we offer support with any issues you may encounter using the connector, unless the issue is specifically a problem with the WinSMS REST API or delivery of your messages.

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