Community Bulk SMS

Community Bulk SMS The Easy Way

WinSMS provides you with the perfect platform for community bulk SMS needs.

Our software can be installed onto a PC or Mac, or used via mobile devices, and lets you send out messages to hundreds or even thousands of people in an instant.

Schools can set up a bulk SMS community to reach students quickly and effectively. Churches can use the service to remind their community about services or just send out inspirational quotes. Any other businesses that have a community to service can benefit from community bulk SMS services.

WinSMS offers a two-way channel of communication too, which means that your community can respond to your messages and their feedback will be delivered straight to your inbox or phone.

The best part about choosing to go the SMS route is that it can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. Instead of having to make hundreds of calls, you can now send out your details in seconds, with each message costing just a few cents.

To get started sending community bulk SMS sign up here for a no obligation trial account.