SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing – Reach Your Audience At Affordable Rates

WinSMS opens up the opportunity for effective SMS marketing for your business, at extremely affordable rates.

There are so many marketing platforms to choose from nowadays, but many are either very expensive, or struggle to make direct contact with your clients, or potential clients.

A SMS, on the other hand, directly hits the mobile device of the clients you wish to target, and gets your message across effectively.

Most people will open a SMS and quickly browse the information sent to them – offering you an opportunity to relay a message that will actually be seen. This is unlike radio, TV or print advertising, which comes at a high cost and could be hit or miss in relation to the audience you are after.

Using a SMS for marketing also has the benefit of allowing you to reach hundreds or thousands of people at once, while through WinSMS, you can also receive replies straight to your inbox. This means that should you send out a prompt for any service or product, clients can SMS back if they are interested – turning your approach straight into a lead.

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