SMS Portal

WinSMS SMS Portal – Catering For Your Business Needs

WinSMS is a SMS portal that offers supreme convenience, excellent features and low pricing to cater for a range of business needs.

The power of the SMS message should not be dismissed, and making use of our SMS portal can help your business save thousands in communication costs, as well as ensure that time is not wasted on lengthy calls.

Signing up online will offer you the chance to enjoy a free trial, where you can see just how easy it is to communicate with clients and staff in an instant.

If you are concerned about one-way communications, which can sometimes be the case with messaging services, WinSMS provides the perfect solution as any replies to the messages you send out can be routed directly to your inbox or phone.

WinSMS opens a variety of marketing and communications options for all types of businesses. Retail store can send out specials or information on product launches, while corporate companies can send out information to staff at various branches around the country. This means that you can reach hundreds of people at the same time.

Contact WinSMS today and a consultant will discuss the software and pricing with you.